We all knew it was coming at some point this off-season. Today it finally happened. The San Francisco 49ers gave QB Jimmy Garoppolo a 5-year contract extension worth $137.5 million. Making it largest in league history in terms of “average per year”. The 49ers found their franchise quarterback and John Lynch made it official.

Garoppolo transformed one of the worst teams in the NFC to one of the hottest when he arrived in October. The Niners didn’t lose a game when he started, going 5-0 while looking seemingly unstoppable. Also keep in mind during his time in New England he never lost when he started, going 2-0. Jimmy G is 7-0 in the NFL as a starting QB. Has he done enough to earn this payday? In my opinion, absolutely.

The Patriots traded Garoppolo away to the Niners last October for a second-round pick in the 2018 draft. I can’t help to think that Belichick and New England just sort of gave him away. Then again, was he really worth anything more at the time? Either way, San Francisco found their guy for little to nothing.

Personally, I’m glad for Jimmy G and would really like to see him continue to thrive in San Francisco. The organization and fans certainly deserve to get back on the map and I have no doubt that the 49ers will see themselves back in the playoff talk in the 2018 season.

–¬†Collin Borron (Founder & Owner of The Gridiron Express)

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