The talk about Aqib Talib potentially being traded has been going on for months now. As a Denver fan myself, I didn’t necessarily want to see him go but I also understood the idea of trading him. When I finally got the notification that he was officially done in Denver and headed to the Los Angeles Rams, it was a bittersweet moment. Talib was a key factor to Denver’s success over the previous few years and especially on the Super Bowl winning squad in 2015. Instead of me listing off his accomplishments here’s a tweet that sums up his time with the Broncos rather well.


With all of the rumors of Talib returning to New England, I was beyond relieved to see he was going to the Rams. I already wrote about how there is a storm brewing in Los Angeles after they picked up Marcus Peters and how the Rams were just a few pieces away from being capable of a Super Bowl. Adding Talib is a huge step in reaching that goal. Sure he’s reaching the end of his career but, he has proven that he still has a lot to offer and is still an elite corner back. Being paired with Marcus Peters, this has more than enough potential to be the next great cornerback duo in the NFL. Wade Phillips is going to have a lot of fun this offseason with Peters and Talib. Phillips was more than likely ecstatic to see that his former Super Bowl champion corner will be rejoining his squad.

Although it is sad to see him go, I’m happy for Aqib Talib and the Los Angeles Rams. It’s a win for both sides. I’m beyond excited to see what Wade Phillips puts together on defense during this offseason. With the addition of another star corner, the storm continues to grow in Los Angeles.

– Collin Borron

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