It is almost 2 AM as I am writing this and the news of Case Keenum intending to sign with the Denver broke only an hour ago. Passing on Kirk Cousins, Elway and the Broncos decided to spark the free agency QB race by signing Case Keenum. As a die-hard Broncos fan myself, it was impossible for me not to write about this immediately after finding out.

First off, why Keenum over Cousins? Well, it’s simple really. Denver was looking for someone who would fit their system best and even though Cousins is the better QB overall, none of that matters if he doesn’t play in a system that fits him. Although it was a fun thought, Cousins in Denver just wasn’t the right fit. As for Keenum, he thrived in Minnesota’s offense last year and the Vikings are nearly the same team as Denver when you think of it. Denver’s system with Siemian and Osweiler was almost identical to Minnesota’s with Keenum. I think we all know which one had more success. Keenum thrived last year. A lot of credit goes to Pat Shurmur and Minnesota for working with what Keenum had and building a perfect system around him. Nothing flashy. Simple but, deadly. This said I think Keenum will fit just fine in Denver’s offense.


Although he does seem like a solid fit, what if Case Keenum’s incredible year in 2017 was just a fluke? Remember 2015, when Brock Osweiler started 7 games for the Broncos? He went 5-2 in those games and was a big part of the reason Denver reached the Super Bowl. A year later, Houston signed Osweiler to a $50 million dollar contract. Look how that turned out. Osweiler was a 7 game wonder. Although I do believe Case Keenum is a better QB than Osweiler in many areas, I’m just not completely sold on him yet. Now don’t get me wrong, if he does even somewhat similar to what he did last year in Minnesota, I and Denver fans alike will be ecstatic.

Overall, I really like Case Keenum as a player and a person. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see him come to the Mile High City. The potential he has to thrive in Denver’s offense has me giddy. With the recent quarterback struggles, we Broncos fans are desperate for QB to get us out of this hole we’ve been stuck in for the past 2 years. If Keenum is that QB, I’m more than ok with it.

– Collin Borron (Founder & Owner of The Gridiron Express)

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