Last season, the NFC was clearly the best conference in the NFL. Lead by the Eagles, Rams, Vikings, Saints and a handful of others. All of which were Super Bowl contenders and one ended up winning the coveted prize. In 2018, expect to see even more NFC teams compete for the Lombardi trophy. Here’s a list of who I think could be representing the NFC in Super Bowl 53. 
Philadelphia Eagles: Obviously I’m putting the defending Super Bowl champs on this list. They are returning almost their entire team and I think Doug Pederson has set up Philly for a potential dynasty. It’s the competition in the NFC that I think will end up preventing it.
Los Angeles Rams: Coming off a fantastic 2017 season, the Rams have only gotten better this off-season. A lot better. Headlined by Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib and Ndamukong Suh. L.A. has picked up some much-needed elite defensive talent. With already one of the best offenses in the NFL, the Rams could have themselves one of the top defenses as well. L.A. is going to be scary good.
Kevin C. Cox – Getty Images
Atlanta Falcons: The dirty birds seemed to be a little quiet last year. They had an alright season at 10-6 and lost on the final drive in the playoffs. The Falcons haven’t really had any big pick ups simply because they don’t need anyone that bad. Their roster is Super Bowl caliber. I believe the only thing slowing them down is adjusting to Steve Sarkisian’s offense. Once they figure that out, watch out.
Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers is back but, this time with Jimmy Graham alongside him. They’ve also picked up a couple much need corners. Green Bay just needs their defense to get slightly better and Rodgers to stay healthy. Achieve this and they immediately become a threat.
New Orleans Saints: I think this is probably the most forgot about contender, ever since being on the wrong end of arguably the biggest miracle in playoff history. In 2017, Drew Brees and the Saints were a Super Bowl worthy team. In 2018, that won’t change. Even though they are in the toughest division in football, they could very well be the top seed in the NFC.
Sports Beast
San Francisco 49ers: It’s time to believe the Jimmy Garoppolo hype. Unless you have been living under rock, the world saw Garoppolo single-handedly take one of the worst teams in the NFL and turn them into a winning machine to end the season. Thus recreates team unity, ultimate trust in their QB and new-found motivation. The 49ers are my dark horse to win it all this year.
Minnesota Vikings: In a perfect world, Minnesota keeps their entire team other than replacing Case Keenum with a better QB in Kirk Cousins. The thing is, after Minnesota’s magical playoff run, the Vikings set themselves up for a brutal 2018 schedule. Then again, with that Purple Reign defense, anything is possible.
These seven are just my personal favorites to represent the NFC but a few other teams that I could see sneak in are the Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins and Detroit Lions
There you have it. All of the NFC teams I personally feel like could end up in Super Bowl 53. It’s going to be an all out brawl and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Personally I’ll be rooting for the Los Angeles Rams as they have been a team I’ve been wanting to witness be great again for almost my entire life. No matter what team makes it, I believe the NFC will win themselves back to back titles. 
– Collin Borron
Photo Credit – Getty Images

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