On Thursday, the NFL officially released the leagues 2018 regular season schedule. It didn’t take long for me to see that this season is set for a ton of great matchups but, for this post specifically I thought I’d focus on opening weekend. The three matchups that are going to most definitely be must see TV.

1.) Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles – It shouldn’t be surprising to see this game at No. 1. I mean c’mon man. The defending Super Bowl champs hosting one of the toughest teams in the NFC. On week 1? Yes please. We still don’t know if Carson Wentz will be back in time but, if he is, we are looking at a Matt Ryan vs Carson Wentz Sunday night showdown. I get excited about this game just thinking of it.

2.) Houston Texans at New England Patriots – Assuming Tom Brady (almost certainly) does return for another season, 2018 is set to be New Englands revenge tour. For them to kick that tour off against Deshaun Watson’s Houston Texans couldn’t be any better. The Watson-Hopkins duo has a chance to really take off against the Patriots secondary. New England is surprisingly sort of messy right now but, I have no doubt that they’ll be back to their dominant self in time for the Texans. If this game is anything like their regular season matchup a year ago, I’ll be very happy.

3.) San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings – Ah yes. The battle between giant QB contracts. Jimmy Garoppolo vs Kirk Cousins. Both QB’s will be trying to prove the same thing. Their worth. This is going to be quite the battle. Garoppolo will have his hands full with Minnesota’s “Purple Reign” defense. Kirk Cousins will have to go against arguably the most confident team in the NFL. Personally, I’m all in on Jimmy Garoppolo and I think he could be in for an incredible season. The 49ers are my Super Bowl dark horse. Going up against the Vikings week 1 will be quite the challenge. This one’s going to be fun watch.

This schedule release reminded me how much I miss football season. It’s only April! Hurry up, NFL. I’m hanging on by a thread here.

Collin Borron

Photo Credit: Aaron Doster – USA TODAY Sports

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