This year’s running back class was incredibly deep so, it was no surprise to see a handful of talented backs taken in the later rounds. There was one specific back I had my eye on though. That back being, John Kelly out of Tennessee. I wrote a piece on him a couple months ago about how I believe he is the most underrated RB and one of the most underrated players overall in the draft. After 175 picks, the Los Angeles Rams called up Kelly and told him he was heading to L.A.

For those of you who don’t know or understand why I am so high on Kelly, here’s why:

  • Similar strength, power, speed & physique to Dalvin Cook
  • Runs with pure passion & anger you just don’t see in RB’s anymore
  • Ultimate competitor
  • Carried the load all throughout his college career on an awful Vols team
  • Plays with a chip on his shoulder on every snap
  • Incredibly dynamic

Kelly is now on one of the best offenses in the NFL in the L.A. Rams. He’ll most likely back up Todd Gurley but, I do expect to see Kelly get his fair share of playing time. The Rams could very well have the best RB duo in the league next season.

I’m excited about both John Kelly and the Los Angeles Rams. L.A. has already had a spectacular offseason and continued the trend in this draft. At this point, I think the Rams are just trying to get me to fall in love with them. The storm continues to brew in L.A…

Collin Borron

Photo Credit HERE


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