Why is NOBODY Talking About Mason Rudolph?

Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen. All are the top quarterback prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft. The only issue is that there is a name missing from that list. That name is Mason Rudolph.

Rudolph’s time at Oklahoma State were nothing short of sensational. In 2016 he threw for 4,091 yards with 28 Touchdowns and just 4 interceptions. Last season he nearly passed for 5,000 yards with 37 TD’s and 9 interceptions. Those 37 TD tosses lead the nation. All while maintaining a completion percentage over 60%. He’s a lethal pocket passer. Tall, steady, calm and accurate. He has shown consistent improvement during his time with the Cowboys and is only getting better as he prepares for his career in the NFL.

Yes, I’m aware what the experts and scouts have said about him. Probable back up or average to below average starter. These “experts” said the closest NFL comparison to Rudolph was Christian Ponder. Ouch. I guess I could see some similarities in their play style but, overall talent wise, Rudolph takes the cake and it’s not even close. Ponder didn’t come close to Rudolph’s numbers in college at all. Also Ponder was short pass reliant. As for Rudolph, he can tear you apart downfield. For every similarity between the two quarterback’s, there are about a dozen differences. All in all, comparing Rudolph to Ponder is not much of a comparison at all and is just another reason why I almost never go off of what the “experts” say when judging a player.

So why do I like him so much? He’s proven himself to be one of, if not the most consistent QB’s in the entire draft, he’s gotten significantly better every year, makes few mistakes, has the best arm strength and touch passes out of any prospect. The rest of the QB class can’t say the same. Another reason I’m rooting so hard for Rudolph is because he is overlooked simply because he played against the weak Big 12 defenses and was only able to thrive in an easy pass heavy offense that Gundy gave him. Which is nonsense. With that logic, why is Baker Mayfield getting all the hype he gets? He played against those very same defenses. The point is invalid. I’m not mad that Rudolph is seemingly getting tossed aside when it comes to the other QB’s, I’m just surprised.

So, where could he end up? My guess is Arizona. He could be the hero that the Cardinals have been looking for and obviously not wanting to go long-term with Sam Bradford, picking up Rudolph could help spark a much-needed turnaround in Phoenix. There are also talks of him landing in Denver, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and New England. Could you imagine Mason Rudolph having Tom Brady as a teacher? Goodness.

I just have this “gut feeling” about Mason Rudolph. He’s an easy player to root for after being so overlooked and deemed unworthy to succeed in the NFL by all of these so-called “experts”. Rudolph deserves a shot just as much as the rest of the QB’s in this draft. Wherever he ends up, I’ll be rooting for him to prove all of those who doubted him.

– Collin Borron