Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” is one of the biggest movie releases of all time and is the largest of my life so far. Personally, I loved the film. As a matter of fact, I loved it so much I saw it four times in a span of four days. Am I crazy? Most likely.

There are a few things I obsess over as much as I do with sports. Movies are one of those things. Today, I thought I’d combine those two worlds together. Here is “If College Football Teams Were Infinity War Characters”


Marvel Studios

Alabama: Thanos – This one should be no surprise. Not only are the Crimson Tide obviously the most dominant team in the country, but Nick Saban now has a full Infinity Gauntlet after winning his 6th national title. To any team on Bama’s schedule next year: “I hope they remember you”.

Marvel Studios

Clemson: Thor – As powerful as Alabama has been over the last decade or so, Clemson has proven themselves to be the team powerful enough to take down the mighty juggernaut. Like Thor, Clemson has been through their fair share of battles and beatings, but still seek to destroy the greatest threat. Clemson is closer than anyone to taking down the monster in Tuscaloosa.

Marvel Studios

Georgia: Spider-Man – The Bulldogs have always been a solid team for the most part, but seemed limited to be truly great. Spider-Man was a similar story. That was until Tony Stark got involved and gave Spidey a shiny new suit and various other toys. Spider-Man was officially made an Avenger in Infinity War and played a pivotal role in fighting Thanos. Hell, he nearly got the gauntlet off of his hand. As for Georgia, they’ve gotten a few upgrades themselves and has quietly turned into a much more powerful program. Nearly defeating Alabama in the national title last season, the Bulldogs have shown the college football world they are no longer just good, but actually great.

Marvel Studios

UCF: Star-Lord – These two are a perfect match. Both were so lovable and easy to root for until they let their selfishness ruin it all. Spider-Man and Iron Man were seconds away from retrieving Thanos’ gauntlet until Star-Lord let his emotions take over and began to beat on Thanos, freeing him from being hypnotized. The rest is history. As for UCF, beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl brought out the worst in the fans and school itself. They claim to be the “real” National Champions, they’ve received “national championship” rings and put up a “national championship” banner on their stadium. It was cute at first, UCF, but now it just looks sad and a little psychotic.

Marvel Studios

LSU: Loki – LSU and Loki were both true threats at one point, but eventually were always defeated. As time passed, they were taken less and less seriously. Loki even seemed to turn good, but then handed over the Tesseract to Thanos and had his neck snapped. LSU is hyped to be great almost every season only to disappoint us every time. LSU and Loki are textbook pretenders.

Marvel Studios

Wisconsin: Captain America – The Badgers are quiet, but overall a damn good team. They are consistently in the top ten every single year and always in the playoff hunt. They aren’t the flashiest team but are certainly one of the most efficient. Like Steve Rogers, the Badgers keep it old school and make it work really well. Also, they achieve this without any controversy or drama of any kind.

Marvel Studios

USC: Iron Man – Who else other than USC to fill the role of Iron Man. Cocky, popular, filthy rich and powerful, the Trojans are their own hero. Can they beat Alabama? Probably not, but they sure think they can.

Marvel Studios

Oregon: Bucky – The Ducks were one of the top teams in the country for quite a while, but haven’t done much since then. Most thought the Ducks have had their run and are back to being their average selves. Don’t fool yourself. Oregon still shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially this upcoming season. Like Bucky in Wakanda, the Ducks have been quietly regaining their mojo back and they may just make a grand re-entrance in 2018.

Marvel Studios

Notre Dame: Black Widow – She has the looks, fighting ability, agility, and knowledge, but Black Widow still finds herself in the shadow of the rest of the Avengers. This is exactly the case with the Fighting Irish. Consistently a 10-12 win team, Notre Dame just can’t seem to escape the shadows of teams like Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma and a handful of others.

Marvel Studios

Miami: Hulk – The Hurricanes wrecked havoc on opponents for 10 weeks straight and looked seemingly unstoppable. Their defense specifically caused endless chaos unlike any other and thus the “Turnover Chain” was born. All of Sudden, the Hurricane of domination came to a halt and Miami ended their season with three straight losses. Like the Hulk, Miami refused to show up when they needed to most.

Collin Borron

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