Mike Trout is easily the best player in the MLB. He has already surpassed several Hall of Famers in WAR, and he is only 26. He’s been nothing short of spectacular since his rookie year, and the scary thing is he’s improving every year. So that begs the question, why isn’t the MLB promoting Mike Trout like their life depends on it?

The easiest answer is that the MLB just plain sucks at marketing its superstars. If you are not an avid baseball fan, like me, then you may have trouble naming some of the best players in the league, especially if they play in a small market. The average sports fan should know exactly who Mike Trout plays for and how good he has been over the past seven seasons. Instead, they know he exists and that he is good, they don’t know that he is historically great. If Mike Trout was in the NFL or NBA he would be nationally known to sports fans and non-sports fans.

Another reason could be that he doesn’t play for any of the teams that actually do get frequently covered like the Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, and Cubs. Mike Trout’s own team is also not helping him. The Angels have been pretty mediocre during Trout’s career. He has only seen the Postseason once, and his team was swept out of the playoffs. Another part of being on the Angels that hurts Mike Trout is the West Coast time zone. A lot of the country doesn’t get a chance to see Trout because they are already in bed. The West Coast games don’t usually make it on to national television.

Some of those reasons are to be expected. The national media will always pick favorite teams that get a majority of the attention. That doesn’t make any excuses for the MLB not making the Angels one of those teams though. The Angels have been trying to get a winning team around Trout but so far this year they have been plagued by injuries and some bad contracts. Mike Trout playing on the West coast should not be a roadblock either for the MLB promoting their best player and a future Hall of Famer. Some giant stars have been on the West Coast and it hasn’t stopped the NBA or NFL.

Commissioner Rob Manfred recently said that Mike Trout has to market himself better. That is not his primary job. Trout is also very active in his community. He is an excellent role model for kids everywhere. Mike Trout is extremely talented and extremely humble. Mike Trout has done his part in marketing himself. He has deals with Nike and Subway among other companies. He needs the extra push from his sport to push him into international superstardom. There has not been a talent like him, putting up the consistent historically great seasons that he has put up in a very long time.

MLB… PLEASE market Mike Trout like your life depends on it.

– Guest Writer, Brett Grashorn

Photo Credit HERE

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