The SEC is known for being the home of a large portion of the countries most dominant players. In 2018, there’s one position specifically that could be most dangerous. Quarterback. Which of course may not be too surprising but, this year it is actually ridiculous with how much talent will be tossing the rock down south. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Missouri: Drew Lock – This one should be obvious. One doesn’t even have to follow SEC football, to know that this man is projected to be a high pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Lock is coming off a 3,954-yard, 44 touchdown season. Sure, it may be difficult to repeat that success but he certainly is more than capable. We’ll see how the team adjusts to their new offensive coordinator, Derek Dooley. As long as Lock is back there running the offense, I trust Missouri to continue to thrive on offense.

Mississippi State: Nick Fitzgerald – There may be a new head coach in Starkville but, the Bulldogs still have the same Nick Fitzgerald behind center. Coach Moorhead has to feel fortunate to take over and already have his quarterback be a proven success. Fitzgerald nearly had back to back 2000+ passing yards and 1000+ rushing yards campaigns. This will be the QB’s final season with the Bulldogs and I expect him to end his college career with quite a splash.

Auburn: Jarrett Stidham – Last season, Stidham and the Tigers had quite a season. To be honest, they very well could have made the playoff but had a few too many stumbles along the way. Stidham has shown us time and time again that he is the real and deal. Also if your quarterback can lead your team to a victory over Alabama, that alone will suffice. Stidham will have a tough time against the SEC West defenses but I still believe he’ll lead Auburn to another 10-win season.

Alabama: Tua Tagovailoa & Jalen Hurts – It’s only fair to put both Hurts and Tagovailoa together. Obviously, Tagovailoa has been getting most of the spotlight as of late and deservingly so. Having your college career kick off by leading your team to a national title victory will do that but, we can’t just forget the man who got them there in the first place. Hurts lead the Crimson Tide the entire season with ease. He’s a not a stat monster but he’s been a perfect fit in Nick Saban’s offense. Tagovailoa will most likely get the starting job this season but having Hurts there and ready whenever needed is some high-quality insurance. I’m sure Saban will find a way to use both throughout the season.

Georgia: Jake Fromm – The Bulldogs QB situation couldn’t be any better. Jake Fromm is only a sophomore and now they add the nations #1 recruit, Justin Fields as his back up. Fromm will have a bit more pressure on him this year as UGA has some holes to fill on the defensive side but if we’re being honest, that defense will most likely still be solid. Fromm is a gifted quarterback and has superb leadership skills. His ability to remain calm and collected on the biggest stage is why I believe in this kid so much.

South Carolina: Jake Bentley – Will Muschamp must feel pretty good by not having to worry about his QB situation. Bentley may not have the prettiest stats but don’t let that fool you. He is downright loaded will raw NFL talent. If he can lower that interception number down a bit, Bentley could find himself as a first-round draft pick in 2019.

Vanderbilt: Kyle Shurmur – The Commodores success has and will continue to be on the back of Shurmur in 2018. A year ago, he passed for nearly 3000 yards and put up 26 TD’s. Unfortunately for Shurmur, he doesn’t have much help anywhere else on the team. This year will be similar to the last one in terms of team success but as for his personal success, 2018 could be a year he could really improve draft stock.

– Collin Borron

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