The Texas Longhorns were one of many teams on the off-season hype train heading into the 2018 season. Over the past few seasons, it seemed no matter what, the media declared this team to be “back”, only for the Longhorns to quickly fall apart and have their season result in an average to below average year. Supposedly, that was finally going change in 2018, now that Tom Herman is entering his second year and has gotten his team more comfortable. Once again, this proved to not be the case.

On Saturday, Texas arrived at FedEx Field looking to get sweet revenge on a Maryland team that has been through an unimaginable amount of controversy and tragedy. All signs looked in favor of Texas and admittedly I also thought they had a slight advantage. Maryland had other plans.

The Longhorns didn’t get the quickest start and found themselves trailing by 10 points early in the 1st half. After a couple of turnovers, three and outs, and just overall sluggish play, it didn’t take long to think “Here we go again”. Fortunately, the Horns finally found themselves in a groove and went into the half trailing just two points. That would be the last spark we see from them though.

The 2nd half showed who this Texas team really was. It’s simply a new season but the same story. Loaded with talent but simply do not know how to use it to its potential. Maryland played with more grit and simply wanted it more. The Terps defeated the Longhorns 34-29. Texas once again beat themselves with mental errors and silly mistakes, i.e, the same ole Longhorns.

Obviously, it being just week 1, the Longhorns can technically still turn things around but after seeing them against the Terrapins, I just don’t see how this season will be any different than the last. Which is pretty disappointing. Texas has run out of excuses and there’s simply no reason for them to still be playing this poor. That said, I was happy to see Maryland embrace the underdog role and bring home the win. Big congrats to Maryland and their team.

Overall, Texas was exposed yet again by the Terps and it looks like we’ll be seeing the same struggling Longhorn team in 2018.

– Collin Borron

Photo Credit HERE

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