The opening weekend of college football was certainly filled with wake-ups calls for a handful of power 5 teams. Today we look at the teams that were supposed to be “back” or overall had ridiculously disappointing debuts after all the off-season hype.

Michigan – I’m not even going to argue about Jim Harbaugh being overrated or not. Mainly because I’m in agreement with both sides. The truth of the matter is, Harbaugh’s Wolverine’s hold a 9-9 record over the past 18 games. Specifically, Harbaugh is mostly criticized for his failure to win big games and last Saturday against Notre Dame certainly didn’t help his argument. Also, with the addition of Ole Miss transfer QB, Shea Patterson, the Wolverines had sky-high expectations for him to finally bring some stability to a struggling offense. It’s safe to say Michigan’s offense was lack-luster against the Irish. Overall, this team had some seriously high expectations going into the season but as of now, they don’t look like a true threat.

Miami – The Hurricanes were the most surprising team this weekend and not in a good way. This team didn’t look like the same team we saw dominate most of the season a year ago. Especially going up against an LSU team that wasn’t expected to be able to do too much damage against the apparent elite Miami defense. Instead, the roles were completely flipped. LSU looked like the team with the swagger and dominance while Miami looked like they picked up right where they left off a season ago. Honestly, it’s tough to tell if Miami is overrated or LSU is way too underrated. Either way, the Hurricanes have quite a bit of improving to do before they can be referred to as an elite team.

Penn State – If you are a Big 10 team and schedule Appalachian State as your opener, you are asking for trouble. Trouble is exactly what Penn State ran into on week 1 against the Mountaineers. I wish I had an argument in defense of PSU but I’m an honest guy and to put it simply, they got outplayed in just about every aspect for 3/4’s of the game. Specifically, the second half is where App State truly took over. The Mountaineers had 45 plays for 344 yards compared to Penn State’s 37 plays for 249 yards. PSU’s defense was tremendously disappointing. From jogging to horrendous tackling, the Nittany Lions were embarrassed in every aspect. Trace McSorley’s clutch gene got them out of this one but if Penn State doesn’t make some immediate improvements, things could get ugly in Happy Valley fast.

Florida State – To any and all Florida State fans, do you want to talk about it? No? That’s alright, I’ll do it for you. Willie Taggart’s debut in Tallahassee didn’t go as most expected. The Seminoles got seemingly manhandled on their home turf against Virginia Tech. The offense was not able to gain any rhythm but then again how could you when your quarterback is throwing pick after pick and getting sacked every other play. As for the defense, the negatives also outweigh the positives. Especially for a secondary, that was receiving high praise over the off-season. It might be time to start doing fewer dance-offs at practice and a little more, well, you know, practice.

Not-So-Honorable Mentions: Michigan State, Arizona, Kansas State, Houston

Overall, these teams had quite the wake-up calls last weekend and I’m interested to see how they bounce back week 2.

– Collin Borron

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