The expectations were sky high for a handful of first-year power 5 head coaches. Some of those expectations were higher than it was for others but overall, it hasn’t exactly been an ideal start for a lot of these coaches. Here are the three I’ve noticed struggling most.

Scott Frost, Nebraska

Nebraska managed to snag one of the countries best head coaches, Scott Frost over the off-season and his return generated an unreal amount of hype from Nebraska fans. Coming off an undefeated season with Central Florida just a year ago, Nebraska fans thought they got a coach that could turn their train wreck of a team to an immediate 9-10 win team. Obviously, this wasn’t a fair expectation in the first place but currently sitting at a 0-3 record, Frosts debut season couldn’t have started any worse. Having their week one matchup canceled, losing a heartbreaker to a tough Colorado team, absolutely embarrassed at home by Troy, and being slaughtered by Michigan, times are tough for Frost and his Husker squad right now. In the end, Scott Frost said it best: “It’ll get worse before it gets better.” He is right after all and I hope Husker fans don’t go ballistic after they struggle to get three wins this year.

Willie Taggart, Florida State

Where do I even begin with this team? With as bad of a start Nebraska has had, I think FSU is somehow off to an even worse one and they managed to get a win. How is that? Well, week one they got manhandled at home by Virginia Tech, barely defeated Samford out of the FCS and then went on to get destroyed by Syracuse. The Seminoles look awful and it doesn’t look like they are getting better any time soon. There has been countless videos, snaps, tweets, and more of FSU players dancing, dancing, and more dancing. I wish I had something positive to say about Taggart but honestly, there’s nothing to be happy about in Tallahassee right now. Let’s see how the Noles hold up against the mighty Huskies of NIU on Saturday.

Chip Kelly, UCLA

I will be the first to admit that I had way too high of expectations for Chip Kelly going into this season. I predicted he’d win 8-9 games his first year with the Bruins and it’s very clear that will not be happening. UCLA fell to Cincinnati, Oklahoma and Fresno State to open the season. Chip Kelly revolutionized college football with his near unstoppable spread offense at Oregon but now that the style has seemingly taken over the sport and he has been out of coaching for a while now, it’s safe to say he’s got some adapting to do. Kelly helped create the monster that is the spread offense but now he must figure out a way to stop it. I still firmly believe his future is bright at UCLA but it is just going to have to take a bit more time than I originally anticipated. To be honest, I was just really excited to see him coaching college football again. Can you blame a guy?

Overall, these three coaches seem to currently be having the most struggles with their new teams. To the fans of these teams and any other team out there with a first-year head coach, DON’T PANIC. It’s called a “rebuild” for a reason and it’s something that cannot be magically accomplished within one season. One has to remember that the majority of these coaches inherited a rather bad situation in the first place. I know it’s tough but please trust me. Being a Florida fan, it’s been nearly a full decade of “rebuilding” and the team is still not even near where they need to be. Every team goes through it. Some longer than the others but patience is key.

– Collin Borron

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