TGE’s 2018 Week 7 Top 25 College Football Rankings

1. Alabama (4) – PTS: 200 – LW: 1

2. Georgia – PTS: 192 – LW: T2

3. Ohio State – PTS: 182 – LW: T2

4. Notre Dame – PTS: 176 – LW: 5 | + 1

5. Clemson – PTS: 170 – LW: 4 | – 1

6. West Virginia – PTS: 156 – LW: 9 | + 3

7. Washington – PTS: 152 – LW: 8 | + 1

8. Penn State – PTS: 130 – LW: 14 | + 6

9. Michigan – PTS: 128 – LW: 15 | + 6

10. UCF – PTS: 122 – LW: 12 | + 2

11. Texas – PTS: 120 – LW: 19 | + 8

12. Wisconsin – PTS: 112 – LW: 11 | – 1

13. Miami – PTS: 108 – LW: 12 | – 1

14. Oklahoma – PTS: 106 – LW: 6 | – 8

15. Florida – PTS: 98 – LW: 22 | + 7

16. LSU – PTS: 80 – LW: 7 | – 9

17. Oregon – PTS: 72 – LW: 18 | + 1

T18. Colorado – PTS: 62 – LW: 21 | + 3

T18. NC State – PTS: 62 – LW: 23 | + 5

20. Auburn – PTS: 42 – LW: 10 | – 10

21. USF – PTS: 40 – LW: NR

22. Texas A&M – PTS: 30 – LW: NR

23. Kentucky – PTS: 22 – LW: 17 | – 6

24. Cincinnati – PTS: 10 – LW: NR

T25. Mississippi State – PTS: 8 – LW: NR

T25. Stanford – PTS: 8 – LW: 16 | + 7

Dropped from rankings: 20 Michigan State, 24 Virginia Tech, T25 Boise State, T25 Oklahoma State

Others receiving votes: Iowa 6, Washington State 6

Do you agree with our rankings or are we clueless and know nothing? Let me know and feel free to share your own top 25 with me on Twitter @CJBorron. I’m always open to talk some college football and would love to chat with some of my readers.

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– Collin Borron

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Dear Texas, I Have Some Apologizing To Do

On September 1st, the Texas Longhorns were defeated by Maryland in a game I and so many others thought exposed Texas for once again being overrated. With wins against #22 USC, #17 TCU and now #7 Oklahoma, it’s safe to say I was terribly wrong.

Over the past few years, The Red River Rivalry has been decided by no more than a touchdown. Going into Saturday, I was expecting this to be another solid game between the two. Oklahoma-Texas is one of those games that seems to be close no matter how much better one of the teams may be compared to the other. This years game was everything a fan could’ve asked for in a Red River Showdown and more.

Touchdown after touchdown after touchdown. That’s basically how it was on Saturday between the Sooners and Horns. Both quarterbacks had impressive days. Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray went 19/26 for 304 passing yards with 4 TD’s and rushed 11 times for 92 yards and 1 touchdown. The Longhorns Sam Ehlinger went 24/35 for 314 passing yards with 2 TD’s and rushed 19 times for 72 yards and 3 touchdowns. Both QB’s had 5 total touchdowns but to me, Ehlinger had the better day.

Don’t get me wrong, Kyler Murray had a ridiculous day and brought his team back from being down 45-24. I’m not trying to take anything away from that. The fact of the matter is, Sam Ehlinger played a more complete and polished game. He stayed calm and kept his composure the entire game and I can’t remember him making a single mistake, to be honest. Murray coughed up a couple turnovers and I definitely saw more sloppiness than Ehlinger. The Texas quarterback has made a tremendous leap forward from where he was back in week one against Maryland. Actually, this entire team as a whole looks like a completely different team than they did against the Terrapins.

Overall, I was very wrong about this Longhorn squad. Texas, I’m sorry for having so little faith and so much certainty that you were going to be below average once again. I have to give major props for making improvements I thought we wouldn’t see any time soon let alone in just a couple of weeks. Texas is one of the most impressive teams in college football right now and after this win against Oklahoma, they have all the momentum in the world. Hook ’em Horns.

– Collin Borron

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TGE’s 2018 Week 6 Top 25 College Football Rankings

1. Alabama (4) – PTS: 200 – LW: 1

T2. Georgia – PTS: 188 – LW: 2

T2. Ohio State – PTS: 188 – LW: 4 | + 2

4. Clemson – PTS: 172 – LW: 3 | – 3

5. Notre Dame – PTS: 164 – LW: 9 | + 4

6. Oklahoma – PTS: 162 – LW: 6

7. LSU – PTS: 154 – LW: 7

8. Washington – PTS: 142 – LW: 11 | + 3

9. West Virginia – PTS: 136 – LW: 10 | + 1

10. Auburn – PTS: 134 – LW: 12 | + 2

11. Wisconsin – PTS: 108 – LW: 13 | + 2

T12. UCF – PTS: 100 – LW: 14 | + 2

T12. Miami – PTS: 100 – LW: 16 | + 4

14. Penn State – PTS: 98 – LW: 8 | – 6

15. Michigan – PTS: 96 – LW: 15

16. Stanford – PTS: 90 – LW: 5 | – 11

17. Kentucky – PTS: 78 – LW: 18

18. Oregon – PTS: 60 – LW: 22 | + 4

19. Texas – PTS: 56 – LW: 19

20. Michigan State – PTS: 54 – LW: 17 | – 3

21. Colorado – PTS: 38 – LW: 24 | + 3

22. Florida – PTS: 26 – LW: NR

23. NC State – PTS: 22 – LW: NR

24. Virginia Tech – PTS: 18 – LW: NR

T25. Boise State – PTS: 6 – LW: NR

T25. Oklahoma State – PTS: 6 – LW: NR

Dropped from rankings: Mississippi State 19, BYU 21, Duke 23, Texas Tech 25

Others receiving votes: South Florida 4

Do you agree with our rankings or are we clueless and know nothing? Let me know and feel free to share your own top 25 with me on Twitter @CJBorron. I’m always open to talk some college football and would love to chat with some of my readers.

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– Collin Borron

It’s Time To Start Taking The Colorado Buffaloes Seriously

When the season began, the favorites to win the Pac 12 were Washington, Stanford, USC, and a few others that might be able to sneak into contention. Nobody thought a team like Colorado would be among those listed above but here we are today as the Buffs sit at 4-0 and first place in the Pac 12 South.

Obviously, the season is still young but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking Colorado any less serious. CU has defeated every one of their opponents with ease except for their matchup in Nebraska who gave them a little bit more of a fight but CU’s deadly QB-WR with Steven Montez and Laviska Shenault Jr. duo still proved to be too much for the Huskers. Plain and simple, this team looks like it’s getting better by the week and last week’s dominant win over UCLA backs it up.

Quarterback Steven Montez has transformed into one of the most fundamentally sound and reliable QB’s I’ve seen in recent years. His ability to always find the open receiver is something that’s rare to find in a college quarterback. He has the numbers to back it up. Take a look for yourself.

Week 1 @ Colorado State – 22/25 – 338 Passing Yards – 88% Completion Percentage

Week 2 @ Nebraska – 33/50 – 351 Passing Yards – 66% Completion Percentage

Week 3 vs New Hampshire – 14/19 – 166 Passing Yards – 73.7% Completion Percentage

Week 4 vs UCLA – 22/26 – 237 Passing Yards – 84.6% Completion Percentage

As impressive as those numbers are, I do have to mention the fact he has one of the most underrated and overlooked wide receivers in the NCAA catching his passes with Laviska Shenault Jr.

If watching an NFL caliber receiver sounds like something you’d be interested in, I highly recommend turning on a Buffs game the next time you get the chance. Laviska Shenault Jr is a mismatch for nine out of ten corners. He’s tall, fast, agile, and has the hands of a seasoned NFL vet. In three out of the four games that he’s played in this year, Shenault’s had 120+ yard receiving yards. Heading into week 6, the Colorado WR already has 581 total receiving yards and has no sign of slowing down.

This Colorado team has one of the most dominant QB-WR duo’s in the country and it’s incredibly fun to watch. If these two continue to thrive, expect the team as a whole to as well.

Once again, I know it’s early but keep your eyes on that Colorado team down up in Boulder.

– Collin Borron

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If You Don’t Already Know, The L.A. Rams are The NFL’s Best

On Thursday night, the Los Angeles Rams took on the Minnesota Vikings in L.A. and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Personally, I saw these teams as the two best in the entire league. A possible NFC Championship preview. It was surprising to see this matchup as a Thursday night game rather than primetime Sunday night. Either way, we were able to witness the best battle it out to see who is currently the better team. The home team rose to the challenge.

I’m going to be honest, at first I wasn’t exactly sure who to pick in this game. The main factors I looked at for both teams were the defenses. Little did I know, both defenses weren’t going to play all that well. I’ll give the Rams a slight pass due to Aqib Talib being out. Having one of your pro bowl CB’s out is bound to cause you some trouble. Even then, I still thought they had enough defensive talent to not let Kirk Cousins do what he did to them. The Vikings QB torched L.A.’s defense for 422 yards and 3 TD’s on 36/50 passing but was somehow still in the shadow of Jared Goff. The Rams stud put up 465 yards and 5 TD’s on 26/33 passing. Near perfection. There were a total of FIVE receivers with 100+ receiving yards in this game. It was an offensive explosion, to say the least. The run game for both sides didn’t have too much success but Gurley put up a strong 83 yards. As for the defensive side, The Rams stout defensive line remained dominant against an already struggling Minnesota offensive line. Overall, it was a solid game and there’s no doubt the better team came out on top.

Through four games, the Rams have looked scary good. Sure, the defense had a rough night this week but it didn’t stop them from beating the second best team in the NFL did it? That’s the biggest perk about this Rams team that makes them so great. If the defense has a rough night, Jared Goff and the rest of the L.A. offense has so many weapons and so many playmakers to the point where they can put up over 40 points on you if need be. If the offense is struggling, they have one of the best defensive lines in the league and arguably the NFL’s best CB duo to lock down any opposing offense. The Rams are not just an extremely well-balanced team but they are terrifyingly good on both sides. Honestly, the Vikings held their own pretty well for what they went up against.

Plain and simple, this Rams squad is no fluke and expect to see that “W” next to their name quite a bit more times as the season continues.

– Collin Borron

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TGE’s 2018 Week 5 Top 25 College Football Rankings

1. Alabama (4) – PTS: 200 – LW: 1

2. Georgia – PTS: 192 – LW: 2

3. Clemson – PTS: 182 – LW: 3

4. Ohio State – PTS: 178 – LW: 4

5. Stanford – PTS: 164 – LW: 6 | + 1

6. Oklahoma – PTS: 160 – LW: 5 | – 1

7. LSU – PTS: 152 – LW: 7

8. Penn State – PTS: 140 – LW: 8

9. Notre Dame – PTS: 130 – LW: 9

10. West Virginia – PTS: 128 – LW: 11 | + 1

11. Washington – PTS: 126 – LW: 10 | – 1

12. Auburn – PTS: 118 – LW: 13 | + 1

13. Wisconsin – PTS: 96 – LW: 18 | + 5

14. UCF – PTS: 94 – LW: 15 | + 1

15. Michigan – PTS: 94 – LW: 17 | + 2

16. Miami – PTS: 86 – LW: 20 | + 4

17. Michigan State – PTS: 66 – LW: 22 | + 5

18. Kentucky – PTS: 58 – LW: NR

T19. Mississippi State – PTS: 38 – LW: 12 | – 7

T19. Texas – PTS: 38 – LW: NR

21. BYU – PTS: 36 – LW: NR

22. Oregon – PTS: 30 – LW: 19 | – 3

23. Duke – PTS: 24 – PTS: NR

24. Colorado – PTS: 18 – LW: NR

25. Texas Tech – PTS: 16 – LW: NR

Dropped from rankings: Virginia Tech 13, Oklahoma State 15, TCU 21, Boston College 23, Iowa 24, Texas A&M 25

Others receiving votes: NC State 14, Virginia Tech 12, California 8

Do you agree with our rankings or are we clueless and know nothing? Let me know and feel free to share your own top 25 with me on Twitter @CJBorron. I’m always open to talk some college football and would love to chat with some of my readers.

Be sure to follow the fella’s who helped create this poll: Dylan Hall, Joel Devick, and Daniel Kingery

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– Collin Borron

First-Year Coaching Struggles Reminds Fans That Success Isn’t Immediate

The expectations were sky high for a handful of first-year power 5 head coaches. Some of those expectations were higher than it was for others but overall, it hasn’t exactly been an ideal start for a lot of these coaches. Here are the three I’ve noticed struggling most.

Scott Frost, Nebraska

Nebraska managed to snag one of the countries best head coaches, Scott Frost over the off-season and his return generated an unreal amount of hype from Nebraska fans. Coming off an undefeated season with Central Florida just a year ago, Nebraska fans thought they got a coach that could turn their train wreck of a team to an immediate 9-10 win team. Obviously, this wasn’t a fair expectation in the first place but currently sitting at a 0-3 record, Frosts debut season couldn’t have started any worse. Having their week one matchup canceled, losing a heartbreaker to a tough Colorado team, absolutely embarrassed at home by Troy, and being slaughtered by Michigan, times are tough for Frost and his Husker squad right now. In the end, Scott Frost said it best: “It’ll get worse before it gets better.” He is right after all and I hope Husker fans don’t go ballistic after they struggle to get three wins this year.

Willie Taggart, Florida State

Where do I even begin with this team? With as bad of a start Nebraska has had, I think FSU is somehow off to an even worse one and they managed to get a win. How is that? Well, week one they got manhandled at home by Virginia Tech, barely defeated Samford out of the FCS and then went on to get destroyed by Syracuse. The Seminoles look awful and it doesn’t look like they are getting better any time soon. There has been countless videos, snaps, tweets, and more of FSU players dancing, dancing, and more dancing. I wish I had something positive to say about Taggart but honestly, there’s nothing to be happy about in Tallahassee right now. Let’s see how the Noles hold up against the mighty Huskies of NIU on Saturday.

Chip Kelly, UCLA

I will be the first to admit that I had way too high of expectations for Chip Kelly going into this season. I predicted he’d win 8-9 games his first year with the Bruins and it’s very clear that will not be happening. UCLA fell to Cincinnati, Oklahoma and Fresno State to open the season. Chip Kelly revolutionized college football with his near unstoppable spread offense at Oregon but now that the style has seemingly taken over the sport and he has been out of coaching for a while now, it’s safe to say he’s got some adapting to do. Kelly helped create the monster that is the spread offense but now he must figure out a way to stop it. I still firmly believe his future is bright at UCLA but it is just going to have to take a bit more time than I originally anticipated. To be honest, I was just really excited to see him coaching college football again. Can you blame a guy?

Overall, these three coaches seem to currently be having the most struggles with their new teams. To the fans of these teams and any other team out there with a first-year head coach, DON’T PANIC. It’s called a “rebuild” for a reason and it’s something that cannot be magically accomplished within one season. One has to remember that the majority of these coaches inherited a rather bad situation in the first place. I know it’s tough but please trust me. Being a Florida fan, it’s been nearly a full decade of “rebuilding” and the team is still not even near where they need to be. Every team goes through it. Some longer than the others but patience is key.

– Collin Borron

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