TGE’s 2018 Week 3 Top 25 College Football Rankings

The third weekend of college football was once again another wild one. From a 31-year long winning streak coming to an end to a near upset at Kyle Field, here are our official week 3 rankings.

1. Alabama (4) – PTS: 200 – LW: 1

2. Georgia – PTS: 192 – LW: 3 | + 1

3. Clemson – PTS: 182 – LW: 2 | – 1

4. Ohio State – PTS: 178 – LW: 4

5. Wisconsin – PTS: 166 – LW: 5

6. Oklahoma – PTS: 162 – LW: 6

7. Auburn – PTS: 152 – LW: 7

8. Notre Dame – PTS: 138 – LW: 8

9. Stanford – PTS: 134 – LW: 12 | + 3

10. Washington – PTS: 124 – LW: 10

11. Penn State – PTS: 122 – LW: 11

12. West Virginia – PTS: 104 – LW: 13 | + 1

13. Mississippi State – PTS: 102 – LW: 14 | + 1

14. LSU – PTS: 96 – LW: 16 | + 2

15. Virginia Tech – PTS: 94 – LW: 17 | + 2

16. TCU – PTS: 90 – LW: 18 | + 2

17. Michigan – PTS: 62 – LW: 19 | + 2

18. UCF – PTS: 60 – LW: 21 | + 3

19. Boise State – PTS: 58 – LW: 19

20. Miami – PTS: 50 – LW: 22 | + 2

21. Oregon – PTS: 46 – LW: 23 | + 2

22. Arizona State – PTS: 34 – LW: NR

23. Oklahoma State – PTS: 18 – LW: 25 | + 2

24. Michigan State – PTS: 16 – LW: 9 | – 15

25. USC – PTS: 10 – LW: 15 | – 10

Dropped from rankings: South Carolina 24

Others receiving votes: Boston College 4, Texas A&M 2

Do you agree with our rankings or are we clueless and know nothing? Let me know and feel free to share your own top 25 with me on Twitter @CJBorron. I’m always open to talk some college football and would love to chat with some of my readers.

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– Collin Borron

Four Teams That Should Be Worried After Week 1

The opening weekend of college football was certainly filled with wake-ups calls for a handful of power 5 teams. Today we look at the teams that were supposed to be “back” or overall had ridiculously disappointing debuts after all the off-season hype.

Michigan – I’m not even going to argue about Jim Harbaugh being overrated or not. Mainly because I’m in agreement with both sides. The truth of the matter is, Harbaugh’s Wolverine’s hold a 9-9 record over the past 18 games. Specifically, Harbaugh is mostly criticized for his failure to win big games and last Saturday against Notre Dame certainly didn’t help his argument. Also, with the addition of Ole Miss transfer QB, Shea Patterson, the Wolverines had sky-high expectations for him to finally bring some stability to a struggling offense. It’s safe to say Michigan’s offense was lack-luster against the Irish. Overall, this team had some seriously high expectations going into the season but as of now, they don’t look like a true threat.

Miami – The Hurricanes were the most surprising team this weekend and not in a good way. This team didn’t look like the same team we saw dominate most of the season a year ago. Especially going up against an LSU team that wasn’t expected to be able to do too much damage against the apparent elite Miami defense. Instead, the roles were completely flipped. LSU looked like the team with the swagger and dominance while Miami looked like they picked up right where they left off a season ago. Honestly, it’s tough to tell if Miami is overrated or LSU is way too underrated. Either way, the Hurricanes have quite a bit of improving to do before they can be referred to as an elite team.

Penn State – If you are a Big 10 team and schedule Appalachian State as your opener, you are asking for trouble. Trouble is exactly what Penn State ran into on week 1 against the Mountaineers. I wish I had an argument in defense of PSU but I’m an honest guy and to put it simply, they got outplayed in just about every aspect for 3/4’s of the game. Specifically, the second half is where App State truly took over. The Mountaineers had 45 plays for 344 yards compared to Penn State’s 37 plays for 249 yards. PSU’s defense was tremendously disappointing. From jogging to horrendous tackling, the Nittany Lions were embarrassed in every aspect. Trace McSorley’s clutch gene got them out of this one but if Penn State doesn’t make some immediate improvements, things could get ugly in Happy Valley fast.

Florida State – To any and all Florida State fans, do you want to talk about it? No? That’s alright, I’ll do it for you. Willie Taggart’s debut in Tallahassee didn’t go as most expected. The Seminoles got seemingly manhandled on their home turf against Virginia Tech. The offense was not able to gain any rhythm but then again how could you when your quarterback is throwing pick after pick and getting sacked every other play. As for the defense, the negatives also outweigh the positives. Especially for a secondary, that was receiving high praise over the off-season. It might be time to start doing fewer dance-offs at practice and a little more, well, you know, practice.

Not-So-Honorable Mentions: Michigan State, Arizona, Kansas State, Houston

Overall, these teams had quite the wake-up calls last weekend and I’m interested to see how they bounce back week 2.

– Collin Borron

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TGE’s 2018 Week 2 Top 25 College Football Rankings

The opening weekend of college football certainly lived up to our expectations and more. From surprising teams to rather disappointing performances, there were multiple teams that made moves this week. Here’s TGE’s official week 2 rankings.

1. Alabama (4) – PTS: 200 – LW: 1

2. Clemson – PTS: 192 – LW: 2

3. Georgia – PTS: 182 – LW: 3

4. Ohio State – PTS: 176 – LW: 4

5. Wisconsin – PTS: 170 – LW: 5

6. Oklahoma – PTS: 160 – LW: 7 | + 1

7. Auburn – PTS: 152 – LW: 12 | + 5

8. Notre Dame – PTS: 142 – LW: 13 | + 5

9. Michigan State – PTS: 122 – LW: 11 | + 2

10. Washington – PTS: 120 – LW: 6 | – 4

11. Penn State – PTS: 118 – LW: 9 | – 2

12. Stanford – PTS: 114 – LW: 14 | + 2

13. West Virginia – PTS: 102 – LW: 15 | + 2

14. Mississippi State – PTS: 92 – LW: 16 | + 2

15. USC – PTS: 90 – LW: 21 | + 6

16. LSU – PTS: 82 – LW: 23 | + 7

17. Virginia Tech – PTS: 80 – LW: 17

18. TCU – PTS: 56 – LW: 25 | + 7

T19. Michigan – PTS: 50 – LW: 8 | – 11

T19. Boise State – PTS: 50 – LW: 20 | + 1

21. UCF – PTS: 46 – LW: 19 | – 2

22. Miami – PTS: 38 – LW: 10 | – 12

23. Oregon – PTS: 30 – LW: NR

24. South Carolina – PTS: 16 – LW: 24

25. Oklahoma State – PTS: 12 – LW: NR

Dropped from rankings: Florida State 18, Arizona 21

Others receiving votes: NC State 4, Texas A&M 4

Do you agree with our rankings or are we clueless and know nothing? Let me know and feel free to share your own top 25 with me on Twitter @CJBorron. I’m always open to talk some college football and would love to chat with some of my readers.

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– Collin Borron

Overrated Texas Exposed Once Again By Maryland

The Texas Longhorns were one of many teams on the off-season hype train heading into the 2018 season. Over the past few seasons, it seemed no matter what, the media declared this team to be “back”, only for the Longhorns to quickly fall apart and have their season result in an average to below average year. Supposedly, that was finally going change in 2018, now that Tom Herman is entering his second year and has gotten his team more comfortable. Once again, this proved to not be the case.

On Saturday, Texas arrived at FedEx Field looking to get sweet revenge on a Maryland team that has been through an unimaginable amount of controversy and tragedy. All signs looked in favor of Texas and admittedly I also thought they had a slight advantage. Maryland had other plans.

The Longhorns didn’t get the quickest start and found themselves trailing by 10 points early in the 1st half. After a couple of turnovers, three and outs, and just overall sluggish play, it didn’t take long to think “Here we go again”. Fortunately, the Horns finally found themselves in a groove and went into the half trailing just two points. That would be the last spark we see from them though.

The 2nd half showed who this Texas team really was. It’s simply a new season but the same story. Loaded with talent but simply do not know how to use it to its potential. Maryland played with more grit and simply wanted it more. The Terps defeated the Longhorns 34-29. Texas once again beat themselves with mental errors and silly mistakes, i.e, the same ole Longhorns.

Obviously, it being just week 1, the Longhorns can technically still turn things around but after seeing them against the Terrapins, I just don’t see how this season will be any different than the last. Which is pretty disappointing. Texas has run out of excuses and there’s simply no reason for them to still be playing this poor. That said, I was happy to see Maryland embrace the underdog role and bring home the win. Big congrats to Maryland and their team.

Overall, Texas was exposed yet again by the Terps and it looks like we’ll be seeing the same struggling Longhorn team in 2018.

– Collin Borron

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Why Penn State Could Win The 2018 CFP National Championship

The title of this post may have thrown you off a little bit but you certainly read it correctly. I realize you most likely think this is a crazier prediction than it is a bold one. All I request is that you hear me out. My goal is to have you understand and hopefully realize that this is not as far-fetched as it may seem to be.

It’s Trace McSorley’s Time to Shine

First and foremost, Heisman candidate Trace McSorley will be leading the Nittany Lions into battle for yet another season. McSorley has improved and grown into one of the nation’s top quarterbacks and possesses experience that not many current QB’s have. Sure, he may have had the luxury of Barkley the past couple of years but don’t let that fool you into thinking he can’t succeed without him. McSorley has proven time and time again that he can hold his own and make big plays when needed. In 2017, he nearly had a 70% completion percentage while tossing 28 TDs with just 10 interceptions. Also, his ability to scramble and be a running threat is vastly underrated and should not be overlooked. Overall, with Barkley gone, Trace McSorley is now the one in the spotlight and has the weight of the team on his shoulders. Quite honestly, that’s a role I believe he’ll be more than happy to fill.

Play Ohio State, Michigan State & Wisconsin in Happy Valley

Penn State has one of the biggest and best home-field advantages in the country. Although the times have yet to be announced for these games, I’m willing to bet at least two of them will end up being night games. Can you say “WHITE OUT”? I don’t care how good you are, if you are the opposing team going into a whiteout night game in Happy Valley, I’m picking the Nittany Lions. Obviously, this doesn’t guarantee victories against all three of these conference powerhouses but it sure helps their chances drastically.

Only ONE Difficult Road Game

I realize that this is college football and upsets happen all the time when top teams hit the road in conference play but I just don’t see it happening to Penn State this year. PSU’s road games are Pittsburgh, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. The first three will be easy W’s but that last one down in Ann Arbor is the game PSU faithful and I are worried about most. As a matter of fact, that’s the one loss I predicted Penn State will receive this season but that’s beside the point. The fact of the matter is, PSU has just one true road test in 2018 and this alone could help eliminate a loss from the recent two-loss season trend.

The Running Game Will Remain Successful

The torch from Saquon Barkley has officially been handed down to Miles Sanders. Don’t go around thinking he’s the next Barkley because he’s not but, Sanders and the two other freshman backs behind him, Journey Brown and Ricky Slade could form a rather solid running back tandem. Of course, Sanders will still carry high expectations but all three will most likely get their fair share of touches this year and that will create a good amount of experience for the young backs. While defenses focus their game plan for Trace McSorley, I have no doubt that James Franklin and new offensive coordinator Ricky Rahne will have some things in store for Sanders and company. It may not be as pretty but having three solid running backs could be just as successful as having one superstar.

John Reid’s Return Will Spark The Defense 

The departures of star Safeties Troy Apke and Marcus Allen created some big holes to fill in Penn States secondary. Cornerback John Reid will help make that process of filling said holes much less stressful. Sometimes it seems like people completely forget about this guy and I don’t understand how or why. Entering his junior year, he was expected to be a top defensive pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. That was until he suffered a season-ending injury at the teams 2017 spring practice. Here we are a year later, John Reid is expected to be at 100% by the season opener if he’s not already. I’m fairly certain Reid will return to being one of the nations best DB’s and I believe he’ll help bring a spark to a defense that is being heavily overlooked.

In the last two seasons, Penn State has seen themselves come painfully close to making the College Football Playoff only to just miss the cut. From heartbreaking losses to being placed one spot out of the final four, this team quite literally couldn’t have been closer. In 2018, I believe that fate could finally change. Competing in the nations toughest conference, it certainly won’t be an easy task. I’m most definitely rooting for them to make the playoff this year, as I have been the previous few seasons. 2018 could be a special year in Happy Valley.

– Collin Borron

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TGE’s Preseason Top 25 College Football Rankings for 2018

College Football is just over two weeks away and it’s almost as if you can feel it in the air getting closer and closer after each passing week. Next week, the official AP preseason Top 25 will be revealed so a couple of my buddies and I decided to create our own preseason poll for my blog. Without further or do, here is the first official “TGE College Football Rankings for 2018”.

1. Alabama (4) – PTS: 200

2. Clemson – PTS: 192

3. Georgia – PTS: 184

4. Ohio State – PTS: 176

5. Wisconsin – PTS: 164

6. Washington – PTS: 162

7. Oklahoma – PTS: 144

8. Michigan – PTS: 140

9. Penn State – PTS: 132

10. Miami – PTS: 130

11. Michigan State – PTS: 118

12. Auburn – PTS: 116

13. Notre Dame – PTS: 94

14. Stanford – PTS: 92

15. West Virginia – PTS: 86

16. Mississippi State – PTS: 70

17. Virginia Tech – PTS: 66

18. Florida State – PTS: 62

19. UCF – PTS: 44

20. Boise State – PTS:

T-21. USC – PTS: 36

T-21. Arizona – PTS: 36

23. LSU – PTS: 28

24. South Carolina – PTS: 26

25. TCU – PTS: 24

Others receiving votes: Oklahoma State 16, Oregon 16, Florida Atlantic 8

Do you agree with our list or are we clueless and know nothing? Let me know and feel free to share your own top 25 with me on Twitter @CJBorron. I’m always open to talk some college football and would love to chat with some of my readers.

Be sure to follow the fella’s who helped create this poll: Dylan Hall, Joel Devick, and Daniel Kingery

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– Collin Borron

The SEC is Loaded with QB Talent in 2018

The SEC is known for being the home of a large portion of the countries most dominant players. In 2018, there’s one position specifically that could be most dangerous. Quarterback. Which of course may not be too surprising but, this year it is actually ridiculous with how much talent will be tossing the rock down south. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Missouri: Drew Lock – This one should be obvious. One doesn’t even have to follow SEC football, to know that this man is projected to be a high pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Lock is coming off a 3,954-yard, 44 touchdown season. Sure, it may be difficult to repeat that success but he certainly is more than capable. We’ll see how the team adjusts to their new offensive coordinator, Derek Dooley. As long as Lock is back there running the offense, I trust Missouri to continue to thrive on offense.

Mississippi State: Nick Fitzgerald – There may be a new head coach in Starkville but, the Bulldogs still have the same Nick Fitzgerald behind center. Coach Moorhead has to feel fortunate to take over and already have his quarterback be a proven success. Fitzgerald nearly had back to back 2000+ passing yards and 1000+ rushing yards campaigns. This will be the QB’s final season with the Bulldogs and I expect him to end his college career with quite a splash.

Auburn: Jarrett Stidham – Last season, Stidham and the Tigers had quite a season. To be honest, they very well could have made the playoff but had a few too many stumbles along the way. Stidham has shown us time and time again that he is the real and deal. Also if your quarterback can lead your team to a victory over Alabama, that alone will suffice. Stidham will have a tough time against the SEC West defenses but I still believe he’ll lead Auburn to another 10-win season.

Alabama: Tua Tagovailoa & Jalen Hurts – It’s only fair to put both Hurts and Tagovailoa together. Obviously, Tagovailoa has been getting most of the spotlight as of late and deservingly so. Having your college career kick off by leading your team to a national title victory will do that but, we can’t just forget the man who got them there in the first place. Hurts lead the Crimson Tide the entire season with ease. He’s a not a stat monster but he’s been a perfect fit in Nick Saban’s offense. Tagovailoa will most likely get the starting job this season but having Hurts there and ready whenever needed is some high-quality insurance. I’m sure Saban will find a way to use both throughout the season.

Georgia: Jake Fromm – The Bulldogs QB situation couldn’t be any better. Jake Fromm is only a sophomore and now they add the nations #1 recruit, Justin Fields as his back up. Fromm will have a bit more pressure on him this year as UGA has some holes to fill on the defensive side but if we’re being honest, that defense will most likely still be solid. Fromm is a gifted quarterback and has superb leadership skills. His ability to remain calm and collected on the biggest stage is why I believe in this kid so much.

South Carolina: Jake Bentley – Will Muschamp must feel pretty good by not having to worry about his QB situation. Bentley may not have the prettiest stats but don’t let that fool you. He is downright loaded will raw NFL talent. If he can lower that interception number down a bit, Bentley could find himself as a first-round draft pick in 2019.

Vanderbilt: Kyle Shurmur – The Commodores success has and will continue to be on the back of Shurmur in 2018. A year ago, he passed for nearly 3000 yards and put up 26 TD’s. Unfortunately for Shurmur, he doesn’t have much help anywhere else on the team. This year will be similar to the last one in terms of team success but as for his personal success, 2018 could be a year he could really improve draft stock.

– Collin Borron

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